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Kech Enterprise Solutions (KES) can aid your business in its contract preparation needs. Our expert legal staff eliminates the need for you to hire the services of expensive law firms. We can provide you with cost-effective service in any of the legal agreements listed below:

Consulting Agreements

Consulting agreements can be as short as a single page or range to a document in excess of 20 pages. Depending on your needs, we will ensure that all pertinent provisions are included. These types of documents need to be properly structured to reflect the services provided by the consultant and your firm. The agreement will clearly reflect the consultant’s status as an independent contractor, limiting your exposure and liability. It will also show the term of engagement and its termination point. The type of work to be performed will be properly defined and the rights of each party explained.

Service Agreements

Our expert legal staff structures these types of agreements clearly to avoid any future legal complications. All payment provisions will include how, when, and what is to be paid, what is included in the payment (expenses, taxes, travel, etc.), procedures for invoices, and penalties for late payment. The relationships between parties will be objectively stated, so that there is no implication of a partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship. Confidentiality and ownership provisions will be included for your protection. The appropriate warrantees, indemnifications, and limited liability language will be included.

Joint Venture Agreement

Whenever you need to associate with an outside business venture, we can help you in structuring the proper joint venture agreement. In order to protect your interests, we will clearly define for each of the parties involved, the business objectives of this cooperation, the degree of participation, the contribution of capital and ownership rights, the division of profits and losses, and the dispute mechanism to avoid misunderstandings. The proper confidentiality and indemnification provisions will always be included.

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our expert legal staff can structure these agreements to ensure that your counterparts will respect all of the confidential information you provide them and not use this information in any way to your detriment.

Guaranty Agreements

We have extensive experience in providing our clients with these agreements to ensure payments are received in a timely manner or services are provided to satisfaction.

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