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The start of a new business is an enthralling moment for any individual. However, it's what comes after the excitement that determines success or failure. Kech Enterprise Solutions (KES) can help you with all aspects of fulfilling your dream.

Anyone considering starting a new business should have a well thought out plan of action. Our business plans unit can help you formulate that plan to produce results. Unlike other services, we are a fully integrated comprehensive company that can help you with all aspects of your business' operations from accounting and credit to taxes and human resources.

We will carefully evaluate your business, and then advise exactly which business structure best suits your endeavor, based on tax, legal, and portability advantages. When we help you prepare your business plan, all your marketing, management, and financial stratagems will be clearly stated. We'll determine how much capital you need to start and find sources of that capital for you. Your borrowing capacity will be evaluated, so that you can determine the funds you should be able to acquire.

Since we are a top to bottom services firm, our accounting specialists will set you up with the proper software and prepare a cash flow mechanism so that you can identify the funds you need for a successful operation. We will help you in accounts receivable and accounts payable management to maximize your cash flow. Our staff can establish procedures for you to properly monitor and control costs. In order to maximize your tax deductions, we can even help you set up a home office. We'll prepare and file all necessary state and local licenses and permits. In addition, we’ll do all the paperwork for your Federal Employee Identification number.

We are always with you, and when you start hiring employees, we can take care of your payroll and payroll tax filings, as well as all compliance with employment laws. We can also help you identify your business insurance needs.

So whether you're considering a sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation with custom bylaws, give us a call and will help make your dream come true.

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